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Get the Green Co. Labs Treatment Program

We understand how confusing alternative health treatments can be. Simply put, our process is a three-step method.

Step 1: For a detailed review, you can undergo a telehealth prescreen with one of our healthcare professionals. Our experienced clinical team will work with you to obtain a summary of your medical history and answer all your questions along the way. If we determine that alternative plant-based treatments may be suitable for you our patient liaison team will assist you to book in with one of our authorised prescribing doctors.

For a fast-track review – complete our Online Screening Tool here >>>  

Step 2: If one of our healthcare professionals determine that you may be eligible for our program, they will refer you to our Patient Care team who will contact you to book you in with one of our Authorised prescribing doctors.

Step 3: Once you have had your initial doctors appointment, your doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment, and any prescriptions will be sent to one of our partnered pharmacies to be formulated and dispensed

View our Detailed Treatment Program below  

The one-time completion of this form below will provide you with full and immediate access on this device to both our Detailed Treatment Program and Pricing guide, no further forms required!