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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how confusing alternative health treatments can be. Simply put, our process is a three-step method.

Step 1: You undergo a telehealth prescreen with one of our clinical practitioners. Our experienced clinic staff will work with you to obtain a summary of your medical history and answer all your questions along the way. If we determine that alternative plant-based treatments may be suitable for you our patient liaison team will assist you to book in with one of our Authorised Prescribing Doctors

Step 2: If one of our practitioners determines that you may be eligible for our program, they will refer you to our Patient Care team who will contact you to book you in with one of our Authorised Prescribing Doctors.

Step 3: Once you have had your initial doctors appointment, your doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment, and any prescriptions can be sent to one of our partnered pharmacies to be formulated and dispensed. Our treatments are customised for your specific needs.

More information about our process can be found here.

Alternative treatments are unapproved therapeutic goods in Australia and can only be accessed through specific unapproved product access pathways. These pathways are regulated and administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and include the Special Access Scheme (SAS) and the Authorised Prescriber (AP) pathways. Registered health practitioners in Australia, after deeming treatment is clinically appropriate, can utilise these pathways to facilitate access to unapproved products for approved patients. 

At Green Co. Labs, we pride ourselves on making the process as simple as possible. Everyone is different, and as such, it can often be challenging to identify what treatment options may be suitable for you. To begin, we recommend taking our eligibility quiz or booking in directly to speak to one of our experienced consultants. Our consultants will discuss your health goals and previous medical history with you while answering any questions you might have about our treatment solutions. Following this, if you think this treatment may be suitable for you, we can connect you to one of our Authorised Prescribers to continue your health journey.

At Green Co. Labs, our health practitioners will evaluate your personal circumstances to identify if the use of this therapy is is clinically appropriate, following which, they will utilise the appropriate access pathways ensure your prescription is valid.

There are many treatment options available for your health practitioner to choose from when it comes to your therapeutic treatment, in some circumstances, certain components of your treatment may make it illegal to drive while undergoing treatment. If you need to be able to drive while undergoing treatment, we recommend talking to your health practitioner about the suitable treatment options for you.

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