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Experienced Clinicians

We are Australian industry leaders in Alternative Plant Medicines

Green Co. Labs operates under strict adherence to state and federal laws and regulations.

Our licensed healthcare professionals assess patients’ medical conditions to determine if plant therapies can be a viable treatment option for their symptoms. We have developed strict protocols since 2019 to ensure that patients receive the appropriate therapies for conditions. 

We provide education on the responsible use of therapies. We keep clinical records of all patient interactions and maintain strict patient confidentiality. 

We are committed to providing safe and legal access to alternative therapies to those who qualify under state laws and regulations.

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Our Promises to You


We promise to care for all patients, and be totally transparent with all aspects of your treatment


We endeavour to follow the newest scientific developments and adopt scientific research and development practices.


We promise to treat all patients with the highest levels of respect, and truly listen to your concerns