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A Division of St Francis Healthcare Group

Servicing the community for more than two decades, St Francis Healthcare Group consists of St Francis Medical and St Francis Pharmacy alongside our St Francis Group operations such as St Francis Australia and our most recent initiative, Green Co. Labs. Across the group, customer care is our number one priority, but we won’t just have you take our word for it.

At St Francis Pharmacy we participate in the Quality Care Pharmacy Program which ensures that community pharmacies provide quality, safe and consistent professional services and customer care, undergoing reaccreditation every two years. While at St Francis Medical we are proud to be accredited with GPA Accreditation Plus (GPA). This means our Subiaco and Cockburn medical centres meet rigorous guidelines specifically developed for organisations delivering general practice. Accomplishing GPA accreditation means ongoing training and performance reviews of our practice and team. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure that standards are maintained and, where possible, improved upon year in, year out.

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