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Our Process

We understand that it can be confusing to comprehend many of the health treatment options available to you, that’s where we come in! Our experienced practitioners and clinic support team will work with you to obtain a summary of your medical history and answer all your questions along the way. If we determine that alternative plant-based treatments may be suitable for you our patient liaison team will assist you to book in with one of our authorised prescribing doctors.

Following your successful prescreen, one of our friendly patient liaison officers will be in touch to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced doctors. This consultation can be done from the comfort of your home (via telehealth), or face-to-face, whichever option best suits your needs. During this consultation, our doctors will assess your suitability for alternative medicines and personally tailor a health treatment plan. 
Following your consultation with our experienced doctors,  our medical team can provide a customised treatment plan, that is formulated specifically for your needs. Every plan that our medical team provide is different – personalised and individualised for each patient.

Curious if plant-based alternatives may be a suitable treatment for you?